Guillen’s Tales: “Counterfeit Freedom”, a poem

Guillen’s Tales: the column of “pop star, stuck in fashion”, Alejandro Guillen

Born to a family without designer genes

But what does this mean to me?

Does it mean I am not equal?

Not destined to be fruitful?

Not to be granted the same opportunity

Then those who grew up with the proper zip code?

Post code envy paired with a new American monarchy

The land of the free if “thee” is born to the “right” family

And that too often equates wth those of white ancestry

While some slip through the cracks and live in the land of excess

We are reminded of those who took our spot at the round table

The table of equality for those more equal than us

They tell us and condemn us that we do not work as hard as they

Causing many to look at the floor in dismay

While we have degrees and have interned for free

Perhaps they are right that we do not deserve to get an opportunity

To make it out of the ghetto

The dreams we were sold by Sallie Mae

Have we been misled and misguided?

Sold dreams of premium schools, yet upon completion, we are not even invited

I too want to sit at the round table of stability

Where we are all able to truly be free and not blinded by mirages of false hope

Empty promises, why must the cycle continue

Have and have nots

Have we all been sold designer knock off forms of freedom?

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