Guillen’s Tales: “There’s An App For That, a poem

Guillen’s Tales: the column of “pop star, stuck in fashion”, Alejandro Guillen

The constant nothing

Online shopping

Oh who me? I’m just browsing

Browsing for what? For whom? We present ourselves as products

Human 2.0

I can make you happy until you desire an upgrade

A simple upDate? Tinder, Grindr, Scruff, it’s all the same

You simply promote the new you, the new him, the new her

But what was wrong with the original?

Why so many makes? Or fakes?

How long will it take for us to realize love is not a click away?

It’s as if the interwebs are leaving us disconnected

We all become replaceable clones

“I want Juan who is taller and more masculine.”

“A blonder Jacqueline who can change tires and  contour.”

“You want a jock who is covered in tattoos.”

There is an app for that, don’t feed into the taboo

But what will happen once we have gone through all the profiles and run out of updates?

No new selfies

Just a generation full of distorted self-esteem.


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