You Made It Our Business: The Most Opinionated Tweets On Sage The Gemini Wanting Jordin Sparks To Return His Calls

When I made my requisite visit to Baller Alert’s Instagram page, I was alerted that Instagram users had been leaving comments and cell phone emojis all over Jordin Sparks‘ recent pictures. her ex-boyfriend Sage the Gemini had written a desperate paragraph letter begging her to return his texts and calls. It was posted sometime between Valentine’s night and February 15th.

Of course it has since been deleted, but the kids got screenshots.

#SageTheGemini wants that old thing back….

A photo posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

The two dated for ten months and it was all good, seemingly. At one point, their followers were used to seeing the two post pictures of each other (what felt like) every other day. But gossip sites pointed out that awhile back, Sage had uploaded a thirst trap bathroom photo of himself shirtless and in loose sweatpants, was captioned by an egotistical message about how he once again allowed jealousy to get the best of him and direct his relationships. It was cryptic but enough for fans to wonder what was going on. Especially since the couple had also at this point were posting less lovey-dovey “usies” and you know how social media likes to read into that.

(That’s why I personally suggest not going “I’m in a new relationship” status updates and post crazy. Both Sage and Jordin have since removed any traces of each other on their respective IGs. Damn).

So Sage pulled a Lloyd Dobler (from Say Anything) to win Sparks back via social media. And it has been met with thoughts from voyeurs on whether or not it was an honest suit for forgiveness or just the male ego talking too damn loud once again.

Jordin, on the other hand, has been living her life, as she did attend Grammy-related festivities this past Monday looking fly and her septum ring back on.

Smiling is my favorite. ✨ Makeup/photography: @itstroyjensen Hair: @varolopezhair

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Most of us are familiar with this scenario in some form whether it’s as blatant as Sage or in shamelessly posting “I’m so happy” pictures of meals, drinks, going out, and edited to a T selfies. Or the best ol’ faithful: passive aggressive quotes on life. Here some of the best tweets I found on this classic case of wanting that ol’ thang back:

Here some of the best tweets I found on this classic case of wanting that ol’ thang back:



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