Docu-series That Deserve Your Viewership in the Age of #QuarantineLife (Part 2)

It’s April 1st, 2020.

While historically known as April Fool’s Day, today, in the age of #QuarantineLife, this Wednesday officially marks another round of social distancing until April 30th.

Yep. April 30th.

If you haven’t already had your OH MY GAWD moment about this, it’s okay to (still )do so now. Considering the last pandemic was in the year 1918, virtually no one has ever experienced a new frontier like this.

As promised in my first post of recommednations

But with March officially behind us (one time for all of us that made it through), here’s hoping that April 2020 will be a lighter, more accepting month of this new world of ours. Let’s get back on track.

I can bet that we’re also going to be glued to whatever series caught our attention span two weeks ago. Or taking the time to discover other shows or movies to watch.

As promised in my first post of recommendations for #QuarantineLife, below is part two of shows to try during your downtime. The theme remains, being that they are all documentary shorts, explorations, and investigations that are available to all via YouTube and streaming.

Read on below!


At this point, I’ve been fully ingratiated into theme park history videos. Thus, I wouldn’t be mad if one more channel popped up to disperse more stories and conspiracy theories.

I say that because, like Defunctland, Yesterworld is dotty about Walt Disney and amusement parks (but also covers entertainment legends and video games).

Created by someone simply named Mark, he is a one-person production team that researches, edits, and records Yesterworld all by himself.

The first video I watched, and it was while I was getting dressed for work, was “Disneyland’s Abandoned Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough.”

There was a nice, steady flow to Mark’s narration and this episode on the castle was the only clip I could find on YouTube after the fact. So I really liked that Mark was covering a topic that hadn’t been discussed, in-depth, by others.

Though I still admittedly watch Yesterworld less than Defunctland, when I do, it’s enjoyable. There’s friendliness to Mark’s voice too. He doesn’t talk down to viewers.

Here is one of Yesterworld’s latest episodes. It’s a fantastic, thorough look into the stealthy Disney vault. Because I was a kid when Disney gained major success with their Classics and new releases of animated films on VHS in the 1990s, “The History of Walt Disney Home Video and the Infamous Disney Vault,” was calling my name. The Disney vault is iconic and a nuisance to those of us from the ’90s!

The episode also briefly delved into the history of home entertainment.

Offhand Disney and Disney Dan

I’m merging these two together because out of all of the theme park and Disney trip videos, Offhand Disney and Disney Dan are the most alike.

They’re the quirky younger brothers of Defunctland and Yesterworld.

On Twitter, Offhand prides itself on being the #1 source on the history of the Haunted Mansion and have previously published an almost two-hour-long documentary about it called, “The Haunted Mansion: Halloween Supercut.”

As a channel, it’s more attuned to the supernatural aspects of Disney’s past. With open arms, it has taken into account what the Internet (as in fellow Disney history fanatics) has suggested about Disney rides and parks especially.

For example, the video below is based on Disney urban legends. The urban legends are actually referred to as “creepypasta.” Thankfully, Offhand explained in clear English what the hell that means and who knew that a sector of the Internet reveled in Disney creepypasta.

And as my last Disney-related channel to check out, Disney Dan is just as entertaining in that goofy, jokester way that Offhand Disney can be. This channel’s freshest offering is that it has a mini-series within itself that covers the evolution of Disney costumes worn at the theme parks and events. All the classic characters are featured in an overview. Yet the most unexpected and memorable clip is, “Evolution Of Creepy Mickey Mouse Vintage Halloween Costumes!”

Published in 2017, before I fell into the well of Disney history videos, it’s just the right mix of facts, proof, oddball moments, and light comedic timing.

Vintage Voyageur

Breathe a sigh of relief! This recommendation is not Disney-anything related! 

It’s all about fashion, and it’s a treat that’s waiting for you, exclusively, on Amazon Prime.

The Vintage Vogayeur was created and is hosted by the bubbly Allison Maldonado. 

Now in its third season, the former music theatre denizen is still traveling to vintage and thrift stores across America, feeding her insatiable love for vintage fashion. 

In every shop or headquarters, she interviews the owners and curators on why and how they got into the vintage business. Maldonado also tries on items from the shops and is often given an on-the-spot fitting and styling by the owners themselves. (Lucky!)

Suggested on my Prime home page, I quickly went through the first season in one night. It’s so light-hearted, and Maldonado is emotionally invested in learning about vintage. 

Without a doubt, she hopes that viewers will close out each episode with a grander appreciation of fashion history and the people who work amongst it every day too. 

As we know, fashion is reflective of the times and ourselves.

And a jacket is never really just a jacket!

Season three debuted in December 2019, and I finished it this past week. Some of The Vintage Voyageur‘s most impassioned episodes are enclosed here, as Maldonado genuinely connected with her interviewees. I noticed that more of a spotlight was also given to an entrepreneur’s aesthetics, journey, and inspirations. 

Maldonado also expanded her vintage coverage to automobiles, as one episode featured Hot Rods! If you didn’t give a damn about cars before, you will, at the very least, be cognizant and more respectful of the automobile history. I love that she’s begun to venture into other sectors of vintage items.

The Vintage Voyageur is an adorable series. And believe you me, I now follow some of the shops showcased on it on Instagram, and others I look forward to visiting once I’m in the same vicinity!

Mysteries and Scandals

This is an oldie but a goodie suggestion! 

Last year, I found episodes of Mysteries and Scandals and was thrilled about it! This half-hour series, hosted by A.J. Benza, used to air on E! from 1998 until 2001.

Along with E!’s another addictive series, The E! True Hollywood Story, M&S took an unvarnished look into the lives of old Hollywood stars and musicians. 

Imagine lots of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll (and bizarre or tragic deaths) starring the beautiful likes of Jayne Mansfield, Sam Cooke, and Rita Hayworth. Re-enactments and a noir presentation emphasized the “from another era” feel, though watching this in the ’90s, none of the indiscretions and transgressions felt all that long ago. That could’ve had something to do with the fact that as the decade went on, a lot of stars from before the 1980s, were still with us. Though many had passed away and that included Sammy Davis, Jr. in 1990; Dean Martin in 1995; and Frank Sinatra in 1998.

Mysteries & Scandals returned in 2017, on the Oxygen channel. (Ummmm, I wasn’t aware of that at all!) But the E! version will all its eeriness captivates.

There isn’t an official channel to watch episodes. But just type in Mysteries & Scandals in the YouTube search bar and episodes will appear.

Part 3 of Docu-series That Deserve Your Viewership in the Age of #QuarantineLife coming soon…

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