Considering PRIDE 2019 Makeup Palettes, and Shouting Out 25 Years of M.A.C.’s Viva Glam

To mark fifty years of PRIDE, though the first PRIDE parade actually took place in June 1970, a year after the uprising, the sentiment and act of standing with LGBTQIA folk is larger than ever, and this has transferred over to rainbow banners and signs of support across Lord & Taylor storefront, banks, eateries, apparel (H&M!), and for sure, beauty retail.

Aaliyah For MAC Is Here: What Does This ’90s Girl Think of the Collection?

by c. shardae jobson   “The singer was later quoted in saying, ‘Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.’ Yes, she was young. But Aaliyah had learnt from her mistakes and vowed to not let an older man take advantage of her ever again.Continue reading “Aaliyah For MAC Is Here: What Does This ’90s Girl Think of the Collection?”

The Return of a More Inclusive Almay

*The Return of a More Inclusive Almay Color me surprised when I saw Almay’s latest commercial starring Rashida Jones. Jones may be on the lighter-skinned spectrum of celebrities who are biracial, but nonetheless, what was Almay–that hadn’t had a spokesmodel of color in years–doing promoting products with her? Was what I thought was happening reallyContinue reading “The Return of a More Inclusive Almay”