Pictures from the One-Day Only Barbie 60th Pop-Up in New York City

On a much lighter and higher note, “Barbie 60” was a super fun, really cute, and thoughtful tribute to her legacy as an influential doll and toy.

It’s A No For Me When It Comes To “Millennial Pink”

Oh, God! The Cut! Are we doing this! “Millennial…pink?” Last week, on the historic date of March 19, 2017, (in online journalism) The Cut officially tried to make millennial pink happen. According to Instagram, it’s already happening as It girl Hannah Bronfman used it as the caption for one of her photos the day after theContinue reading “It’s A No For Me When It Comes To “Millennial Pink””

Why I Used To Love Wearing My Scarf, Hijab Style

by C. Shardae “Shae” Jobson On February 1, the first day of Black History Month and National Freedom Day, unbeknownst to me, it was also the fifth annual World Hijab Day. Initiated by Nazma Khan, a Bangladesh-born Muslim who’s lived in New York since age eleven and raised in the knockabout Bronx, the purpose ofContinue reading “Why I Used To Love Wearing My Scarf, Hijab Style”