Alexander Wang’s Unprecedented Free Sample Sale

There are some lucky mofo’s in New York City because this past weekend, they scored bundles and bundles from one of the city’s most popular fashion designers, Alexander Wang for FREE. Yes, free.  Yet they deserved it considering his camp had flirtatiously alluded to something special in store for the first 20 people in line (which roughly expanded to approximately 50 people by the time they gave the last wristband they possibly could). While the line for this special event went down 15th Avenue and around the corner, at 2PM the doors for the early birds opened for their surprise free-all.

Once line caught wind that the event had already started, throngs of Wang fanatics left out went up to MILK Studios to inquire the guards who unapologetically let us know, the event was over.  Many were confused and then word got out that those that were able to attend were on the opposite side on 14th street, directly across from the DVF store.  A curious crowd went ahead, amongst them reporters from Racked NY, The Cut, and Elle magazine, to interrogate the lucky Wang owners and it minutes as they came out from the back door, a happy chaos of OMGs and jealously occurred as Wang’s chosen ones were pursued to show off their goodies.  Many were more than eager to brag and couldn’t believe it themselves.

They also shared details from the event that did not allowed any kind of recording once inside.  They were first asked to stand and wait in an open space in which a video began to play with Wang himself letting them know that the clothes they were about to have within reach were all FREE.  Insiders then said, while thankfully no one got hurt, it was like a stampede and that there were racks of clothes and unopened boxes, a room with nothing but free Wang items (minus shoes and accessories, which then could’ve started a riot).  The designer was also present to see his secret mayhem go down, and the event lasted no more than 20 minutes.

A fashion event that was SO New York, now we can only hope that Gucci, Moschino, or Rag and Bone will follow suit!

Click on the first picture below to see the gallery of the free sample sale!

–C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion)

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