Has Beyonce Become More Political?

nullBeyonce has been calculated in her presentation towards the public.  From her glamorous image to what she’ll say in high profile interviews in which her team likely already inquired what questions would be asked, Mrs. Carter was the glass house that just wouldn’t break.  She smiled a polite smile, nodded at a tik-tok pace, and appeared rather aloof as to why anyone would want to know about her thoughts on world issues and matters of gender or sexuality inequality.  To watch a clip of her answer a question beyond her current album was like a case on body language because it was as if she wasn’t allowed to share her deliberations on current events.  Since her album 4 however, and the birth of her first born Blue Ivy, Beyonce has increasingly become more comfortable in actively participating in political events, and her efforts have appeared more sincere and willing to learn than jumping on the popular-vote bandwagon.

In the spring of 2013 alone, she’s shared more than just her name to a cause, but her time and thoughts, which she’s also spread to her massive fanbases on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. In June, she headlined Gucci’s Chime for Change concert, an event to bring awareness to women’s rights worldwide.  This is a necessary push as since approximately December 2012, the rate of gang rapes in countries like Brazil and India towards natives and tourists alike had became scarily worst than the last report of assault.  When more states integrated the acceptance of gay marriage into their laws, she showed support with a handwritten message of equality for everyone.  Even before the questionable verdict of “Non-Guilty”, she was auxiliary to the #JusticeforTrayvonMartin campaign and has continued to be so by appearing at rallies and posting on her IG that has 5 million+ followers. And with the news of the city of Detroit filing for bankruptcy, at her concert there just days after, she sang, in tribute to better days, Sam Cooke’s socially conscious classic “A Change is Gonna Come”.

While some celebrities have been aggressively vocal since their fame about whatever was on their mind,  Beyonce always appeared like a butterfly in a jar.  Beautiful to look at, with possibly with so much to offer than just to entertain and amuse us. Thankfully, whatever has influenced Beyonce greatly to be more loud and proud about the causes that matter to her, she’s displayed this with great vigor while still being herself.  The presence of the everyday people remains the most powerful tool towards social change, there’s no denying the added clout of an previously known voice regarding a charitable circumstance.  It’s all the more interesting when Beyonce once the beautiful, quiet type has become the beautiful, elegantly opinionated type for her #Beyhive to look up to.  Who “Run the World?”

–C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion)

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