A Classic The Facts of Life Episode: “Runaway”

Today on the talk show The Real, actress Kim Fields announced the exciting news that she is pregnant with her second child. Fields is a vet in the acting game, with much of her career on television and on some of the most iconic shows of the late ’70s and ’80s including her calling card The Facts of Life, and Diff’rent Strokes.  She also played the awesomely superficial Regine on the ’90s black girls rule hit Living Single.

She was Tootie Ramsey for nine seasons, and on Season 3, on the 1982 episode “Runaway”, Tootie disobeys the rules in going to Manhattan by herself to meet up with her older friends, Blair, Jo, and Natalie.  They went to the city for a day trip with Mrs. Garrett. Tootie waits their favorite coffee shop in hopes of catching up with them.  She soon meets Kristie, a girl with a controlled hidden agenda and this exposes the gritty underbelly of of 1980s New York outside of Madison Avenue and Broadway shows to previously naive Tootie.

Watch it below:

IMDB Link:

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