Lots of Fun to Be Found at Shop Jeen’s Sample Sale

073013105327Online shopping remains an excursion for a particular group with a specific niche: Privacy While Shopping. While in-person shopping provides the kind of split-second “Yes I need this” reaction that, even on a given Tuesday, can be exuberant, online shopping is achieved on your own time and minus the guilty aura of shopper’s remorse because you’re in the luxury of doing so on your time. You can even think about your potential purchases which is a welcome change from the impulsive “See it today, buy it today” notions from some of our favorite retailers at glam districts and still-standing malls. 

For the young adult crowd that may not always have money to burn but are regularly redefining what is style, Nasty Gal, ASOS, Miss KL of Karmaloop, and Shop Jeen are flirtatiously brash and understand what their customers adore most, whether it’s pizza covered iPhone cases, Lisa Frank-inspired tees, and pleather adorned straps and waistbands on a pair of cargo pants.  

Shop Jeen is the baby out of the four, and have been making waves in online shopping. With over half a million Instagram followers (which has been their greatest platform of advertisement) and growing, the inspiring story of how its founder Erin Yogasundram is the best aspect of Shop Jeen.  By raising her own money to begin her e-commerce, she took a major leap of faith by deferring to continue her full scholarship education at George Washington University to return back home to New York and pursue shopjeen.com.  

The site sells a lot of coveted brands of the moment like Dimepiece, Married to the Mob, and ADEEN, but they are tons of super fun and original pieces that can only be purchased at Jeen, like their Beloved graphic sweatshirts that have silk-screened everything from bacon to nebula images. Jeen is also kind to the ’90s nostalgia with Spice Girls posters and beanies and ’80s cartoon goodies.


Their offices are still based in New York, and this week the store is holding their second sample sale near the showroom district of Manhattan’s West Side. The sale is held in a small room and the second floor it’s on in general brings back college dorm room memories.  The room for the sample sale, only a few doors away from where business is really taken cared of, is stacked with items.  There are plenty of accessories, but sadly not a lot of clothes. Apparel-wise, there are graphic legging, some tees, and selected Beloved sweaters and a few Wildfox tops.  There are tons of hats that are pinned to the wall, and more knick-knacks to choose from.  The best deals were the jewelry as you can find earrings and necklaces from fandom jewelry line Melody Ehsani for $25 (including It item, The Gorilla Pendant), and NCLA nail polish For $5, which normally retails for $16.


It was a kick to see the Beloved sweaters in person, as I’ve been amused by looking at them online…and which ones I would honestly wear. Some of the images are quite pretty, and others truly odd, like, have you been looking all your life for a life-size replica of sushi or (their best-selling) hamburger? These sweaters are major to Jeen’s site, and while at the sale, aren’t heavily discounted as they’re $60 instead of $75.  The material is silkier on the outside and doesn’t seem as bizarre when held against your likely solid-colored pants.  A pancake screened sweater could look really cute with some basic blue jeans and Converse…

The sales girls were also friendly and even went the extra mile when I asked for a specific item I didn’t see on display.  I had fun while perusing Shop Jeen’s sample sale, and while I wish there was more clothes from their closet, I was delighted with my chosen Ehsani ring, $1 holographic Cinderella bookmark, and United Couture “BABE” hat.

As I headed back on 38th street, like many still new to this online shopping thing, I wished that Shop Jeen was a physical flagship.  I think I just became a fan.

If you’re in New York from today or Thursday (when it ends), the sample sale is at 325 West 38th Street, in room #208


–C. Shardae Jobson

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