Re-Visit the Blackout of August 2003 with MTV’s “Rich Girls”

Rich Girls, starring Aly Hilfiger (daughter of fashion designer Tommy) and Jamie Gleicher (daughter of business tycoon Leo Gleicher), was a cult hit for MTV during the late summer of 2003. It premiered just at the beginning of the celebutanate phenomenon in America, and as the Hilton sisters were becoming not just New York notoriety, but a nationwide guilty pleasure. As a kind of mix and match of personalities, Aly was bit more humble about her privilege, while was Jamie a tad more flagrant about her very fortunate upbringing. T was a look inside the everyday lives of the rich kids of America before the notion of even paying attention to these individuals amongst us made feel like the end of Western civilization was really only around the corner.

As you may remember, the Northeastern blackout occurred on August 14, 2003, affecting much of the states of this region. MTV was at the time taping Rich Girls for its debut season, and were there to capture Aly and Jamie’s separate experiences. As Aly found excitement of such an unexpected event in such a major city a bit enthralling, Jamie on the other hand totally freaked out, which you’ll hear her saying repeatedly.

Below is the original episode of the dark ages during modern times, thanks to YouTube account of: therichgirlss


But first, you need to watch the epic intro, featuring the girl group Lillix singing a remake of the Go-Go’s song”This Town”






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