Jam of the Weekend: “Outta Time” by Natalia Kills

No one ever said having to part ways from someone once close to you, romantic or platonic, would be the easiest of walks to accomplish, without looking back. It’s nearly unfathomable to imagine that after so much time has passed of great conversations, good laughs, and that feeling of connection actually transferred, such memories are plagued by the darkness of realizing maybe this isn’t or wasn’t for the long run, and it’s time to cut the thread.

From the relationship standpoint, tracks like Duffy’s tearful “Warwick Avenue” and every other song from Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, and Mariah Carey come to mind. There are also the songs wrapped in a kind of quixotic aura of at least we tried. This sensibility was heard on Solange’s dreamy “Losing You”, and Natalia Kills took a similar approach for her soft-rock ballad “Outta Time” that is audible vintage. It describes the up and downs of having to say good-bye, but ultimately knowing it’s best to not hold on for what’s likely been too many times to count.

As Kills’ second LP Trouble is already introspective and honest, “Outta Time” is a calm track and has her singing stirring lyrics that clearly came from experience and in a tone that’s expresses the desire to be resilient in these situations. All around, there is a sense of an “if only” possibility. While some credits found this song to be unconvincing in its vulnerability, in its defense, maybe it’s hard to remember (if you chose not to) once you’ve settled in life, how break-ups at a certain age are dramatic pages of the stories of just kids in America trying to figure it out this thing called love.

Below is the  audio “Outta Time”, and the lyric video can be found on YouTube:

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