Rick Owens Is Our New Fashion Hero (Again) [UPDATED with Video]

In the struggle and good faith that one day fashion, specifically regarding its higher-end circles, will accept beauty in all its shades and shapes, American designer, leather enthusiast, and provocateur Rick Owens blew the lid off your favorite super slim model’s Greek yogurt recently during this Fall’s Paris Fashion Week.

For his Spring/Summer 2014 Womenswear collection, everyone that lucky enough to be in attendance had no idea what was about to happen, as instead of using the usual fare of model-esque models, he showcased his capsule by using dance step teams recruited from the U.S. From the moment the music began, a stampede of couture meets irreverence was married, and it was brilliant. Ladies from thin to “full-figured” rocked the runway, and when watching the footage, you can see the looks of aghast and excitement on editors in the front row. As if their surprise presence wasn’t enough, the dancers expressed looks of revenge and power with scowls and grunt as they also unified in a headbanging ring around the rosy. It was amazing for the sheer fact there was and hasn’t been a show like during Fashion Weeks of New York, London, Milan or Paris. Owens’ decision to shake up the standard brought back the days of when Alexander McQueen orchestrated dizzying and dazzling displays of horror and intrigue.

Fashion Bomb Daily was the first to fully inform fashion fans of this amazing moment via Instagram videos, and they are two clips as it all went down. Following is the full length video of Owens’ entire S/S ’14 presentation. Check them out below.

Clip #1, courtesy of the Fashion Bomb Daily:

Clip #2, courtesy of the Fashion Bomb Daily:


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