So Long Cat-Eye? Say Hello to the “Puppy Eye” Eyeliner Look

The cat-eye is so ubiquitous in expressing sex appeal as a part of a come hither look, while a trusty go-to, does it sometimes feel a bit ordinary at this point? Even if you haven’t mastered it as much as you’ll like, you get the gist of how to apply it. Fashion editorials are always pushing on us to try graphic liner, in which it might resemble that creep from A Clockwork Orange or a sixties mod believer. They’re actually quite awesome but most would be worried about looking over-the-top or high maintenance, which funny considering how much meticulous attention is needed for the perfect cat-eye.

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What’s being hailed as the new “cat-eye”, the “puppy eye” has earned loyal users in Japan especially, where we know anything cute reigns. The main trick in achieving this is that instead of drawing your liner in a upward direction slightly past or just at the end of your natural lash line, you have to tilt your liner downward and then unto your bottom lash line. I found this part to be tricky, maybe because I’m so used to going upward, which now seems like second nature in comparison. A way to remember in what you’re doing is that the result should be a sideways triangle.

I do think the end result is very pretty, especially once mascara’s been applied, but just may take some getting used to when you feel the urge to keep going up than down. While the cat-eye is all about looking glam and sexy, the puppy-eye is geared in appearing sweet and doll-like.

It’s still taking the mainstream makeup world some time to catch on, so the puppy eye remains an Internet sensation, but what do you think of it?

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