Check Out Jeffrey Campbell’s Barbie Heads Heeled Wedges

As much as the average girl adored her Barbie dolls, occassionally we had shared some reckless moments with them, whether it was playing with them cowabunga-style in the bathtub in which they went head first into water (you remember making a mess of the bathroom floor, with water everywhere), giving them the ultimate big chop in which their glamorous locks became a the choppiest, most fly-away bob in toyland, and of course, the classic case of cutting their heads from their body and placing them in a fish tank as our version of deer heads on the wall works of art (Back in 2009, published a semi-psychological piece about this, “Why Do We Destroy Our Barbie Dolls?”) Since the age of Damien Hirst’s controversial art, some artistes have gone too create whole exhibits of Barbies gone wild or exercising a Puppet mastered tale of diabolical behavior.

Eccentric show designer Jeffrey Campbell brought back those Dennis the Menance–girly style–with a special edition of his “Icy” wedges by filling the lucite six inch wedge heel with the heads of benign barbie dolls. At first glance, it is a bit (brilliantly) depraved and worth a second look.

Images of the shoes have been released just in time for the month of October and Halloween season. Campbell’s latest creation is so bizarre, nostalgia for our childhood has never been this outre. His Instagram page however shows them despite its off-kilter addition, it can be a part of a fashionable ensemble, as his suede Barbie “Icy” shoes are clearly the epitome of a statement piece. Campbell has also extended this pieces of Barbie concept to his Jagger shoe loafers in which the clear platform is filled with small, big-eyed baby dolls.

From a short while, it was definitely a great promotional buzz for the brand, and wasn’t quite available yet for the masses to purchase. It did make an appearance on a very lucky pair of feet at this September’s New York Fashion Week, and a few of his very loyal shoe lovers that were first to appreciate its peculiarity have posted pics of their JC deliveries with none other than this toys gone crazy gems. As of right now, they are exclusive to Karmaloop’s women’s shopping site Miss KL for $265, and will likely be collector’s items.

For more interesting images of decapitated Barbie heads (I know, I know, could this concept get more weird), use to link to view all the ones that have been uploaded to Tumblr, amongst the bevy of weird Barbie art istallations and pictures you can find. Here’s the link: TAGGED: Barbie Heads

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