This Nokia 1020 Phone Commercial Will Remind You of Your Childhood

Ahhh, those chilhood productions plays of Peter Pan, Snow White, and whatever else our dear teachers made us memorize and perfect for our parents, guardians and siblings to watch on a three-day span of kids on Broadway. The best part about the traditional school play? Seeing your loved ones freak out over getting footage of you speaking your one line of excellence as you then faded back into the assembly line of other costumed kiddies.

This Nokia commercial for their 1020 cellphone completely reenacts the experience of the overzealous audience to comedic perfection. Not only is it persuasive towards getting you to want the item it’s selling, the memories you’ll reminisce about when watching it will bring a smile to your face. This commercial is updated with the items of tablets and smartphones compared to camcorders, Kodaks, Polaroids, and digital cameras.

Here’s to yesteryear!

Watch both versions below:

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