Street Artist Banksy Inspired Nail Art

As one of the most subversive artists, street or traditional, Banksy’s graffiti epigrams may undoubtedly provoke lengthy conversations of what his interpretation is conveying, along seeking to challenge your initial point of view. He’s often taken culturally iconic logos, characters, and even drawn original cartoons of previous idyllic moments from pop culture to Americana, and turned them into irreverent models of consumerism, materialism, hope, fear, feeling disenfranchised, and love versus hate in the world. His work as garnered a cult-like respect around the world.

In researching for Beauty High nail art looks for a post, I came across a Banksy-inspired manicure that I really loved. It was true to his minimal use of color and impressively replicated his work on such a small canvas as a fingernail. I thought it was really cool and did a bit more searching to see who else got the Banksy bug for their tips.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As his birthplace (aside from his origins being of Bristol in England), and his birth name remain unknown, he probably never imagined that his blunt commentary on archaic and self-destructive societal matters would find its way into the luxury of nail art.

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