Marchesa for Revlon Nail Appliques Are Here! (And They’re Gorge)

The London born, New York based fashion house of Marchesa is the ultimate dream of a gown to wear if you’ve been lucky or wealthy enough to do so. Founded by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, Marchesa has extended it fondness of baroque veiling and ornate detailing towards a collaboration with makeup giant Revlon for limited edition line of Nail Appliques (or stickers or nail wraps).

Available in six variations that stay true to the royal aesthetic (and miniature mimics that are straight off the S/S ’14 runway), they are 3D and show-stopping. They retail for approximately $9.99 at all nationwide drugstores and originally premiered during Fashion Week in September. In a Q&A with, Craig revealed that in designing for Revlon:

 It was quite a hard decision, but we whittled it down. We obviously didn’t want any of them to cannibalize each other, so each one has it’s own feeling, with different colors and textures.

Finally, we can quite literally get our hands on a little Marchesa. Look out for more collabs between Revlon and Marchesa in the beauty department as they currently share a partnership, with famed makeup artist Gucci Westman as the liaison.

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