Beauty Haul x Video Junkie: Ms Toi Teaches Us How to Make Lipsticks Out of Crayons

What I believe is about a year ago, a friend of mine sent me the link to a video about how to make lipstick out of crayons. I thought it was a charming how-to that was actually easy to mimic in real life, and I’ve re-discovered it on YouTube as it’s also reached over 2+ million views (aka a nice big check for the vlogger that posted it). The video is from Ms Toi, and she was prompted to show the masses how to create your own safe, lipstick after that report of lipsticks from many leading brands to contain lead. Yeah…that wasn’t the greatest news ever, but most of us continued to buy our favorites whether it was Lorac or L’Oreal.

Below and in under 10 minutes, Ms Toi shows how to make our own lipstick right in our kitchen. I also think this video is great for those that love outrageous colors like blue, orange, and green. These shades are created, but are hard to find. When they are found, they are usually a bit pricey even if from “responsibly made” like The Lip Bar, or former video model Keyshia Ka’oir’s namesake line (and you would think M.A.C. would always have crazy colors like the aforementioned in stuck, but they don’t).

Watch Ms Toi in action:

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