Beauty Haul: Getting to Know Jojoba Oil

In researching oils that are not only good but fantastic for your hair, I came across specific liquid herbs multiple times that stood above the rest. Common ones like Mineral Oil are okay but not great for your hair. A lot of products on the market actually used mineral oil quite frequently in their mix and sometimes it’ll be one of the first five! (While also charging us $14.99+ a tube or jar).

I remembered that oils were a great alternative to moisturizing your hair from the mass-produced lines, and they are tons of DIY remedies online that include said oils. The best ones, in no particular order, are: Jojoba (okay, this might the ruler), Avocado, Grapeseed, Castor, Olive, and (raw) Shea Butter. These oils penetrate your hair shaft for the better, leading to stronger strands and the best gift of all: encouraged hair growth. Most steer away from heavy oil usage because it can get messy, but I suggest putting that oil into a spray bottle which you can purchase at any beauty supply store for under $5 under various shapes. Like that, you can apply these oil directly on your scalp  as a leave-in conditioner, and with the option of how you want to dispense. A spray bottle also helps to distribute more evenly. From there, you should massage your scalp. You can even moisturize after putting your hair into a protective style like a bun or when in braids, and spritz as if it’s hairspray.

You’ll see that when you go to retrieve oils from the hair section, they’ll often have it as a hot oil treatment, which is popular with women of color, for stimulation.

Jojoba oil is queen when it comes to oils for our hair, and you’ll even sometimes see that written right on the bottle, advertising its goodness for your hair and skin. Jojoba (pronounced: ho-houb-ba) is the most delicious benefit due to its molecular structure being akin to that of sebum, which is an oil from the inner outs of our bodies that we naturally produce. Learn more about Jojoba from the fun natural hair blog: Neno Natural’s post The Benefits of Jojoba Oil on Natural Hair.

Olive oil has been the popular choice for a very long time, but it’s time to give that funny sounding oil a try and reap the glorious return of elasticity, shine, and body to our tresses. But lest we not forget, we also got to have patience and resilience when starting new regimes for our hair. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was healthy hair, no matter its texture or length.

Jojoba oil from GNC


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  1. olive oil is my go to oil, then coconut oil, never tried jojoba oil but I wouldn’t mind trying it

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