The Beauty Haul Diaries: Pieces from Fergie’s Centerstage for Wet ‘n Wild ’14

010414180830As Fergie maintains her reign as a part of the revamped look and packaging of drugstore staple Wet ‘n Wild, her Centerstage division has got some new products on board. The ads do not specify if it’s the Winter or Spring collection, just “2014”, so I suppose that’s good enough to let us in that they are new. Included are two fresh colors for the On the Edge Creme Liner (cobalt blue and royal) as well as: a Take On the Day Eye Shadow Primer in Shimmer; G.L.A.M. Maker BB Cream; Take On the Day Mattifying Powder; Vicious Varnish High Shine Lip Stain; a gold cased tube of her Turn Up the Volume Full Blast Mascara; and On Edge Longwearing Eyeliner.

I personally tried the Mattifying Powder and the new version of the mascara.

I liked the brush of the original Turn Up the Volume but it was one of those mascaras that underwhelmed despite my excitement.. Like I was brushing air or dried up clay upon my lashes. I had a similar experience with the gold tube, but I was willing to try it because while the first one was curved, and this was more of a comb, and I think comb mascara brushes are often fantastic. The gold tube is a tad upgrade, but it’s was similar to the first in falling short of greatness and I point the finger at the actual substance behaving evaporated on site.

Now, the Mattifying Powder deserves a rave. Like Stila, CoverGirl, NARS, and Urban Decay, beauty companies have begun to jump on the bandwagon of creating their own cuts of Mally’s innovative clear balm, the Face Defender. I tested CoverGirl’s TruMagic Skin Perfector which I disliked and promptly returned for being too much like Vaseline, but Wet ‘n Wild’s Mattifying Powder I really liked. It was what I hoped CG’s was going to somewhat be, and do believe is the best cheaper alternative to Mally’s. I could see the difference in how it set my makeup, and like Mally wished when she created the Face Defender, I’m almost starting to dislike regular face powder. The results are natural yet stand out. It’s almost makes your face alarmingly matte. This product is a winner, and cost less than $7.

There is minor shimmer to it, so be sure to blow a bit or dust a little off and then apply it because while meant to be sheer, you can see the opaque powder if there’s too much. Other than not, it’s great and very recommended.

The limited edition or special Fergie products still seem to be exclusive to Walgreens stores, and be on the look out for the save a $1 on 1 product coupon when you do come across this 2014 Fergie display in all her Veronica Lake-ness.


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