Photos from NY’s Chelsea Hotel “A Blondie Exhibition” + FKA Twigs’ #ThroughGlass Video

The pop punk band Blondie celebrates 40 years of memorable tunes and a loyal fanbase, since their days of jamming out and lead singer Debbie Harry slowly becoming a member of the cabal of female rock stars like Pat Benatar and Joan Jett that were a new and different kind of fashion icon. In the month of September with sponsorship from M.A.C., Ray Ban, and Absolut, iconic and behind the scene photos of Blondie were put on display for the public to view for free.

Personal, studio, professional, and fan art were all included and even memorabilia from tours and concerts were in mint condition as a large LCD screen, on repeat, played all their music videos, mainly based from the bygone era of the dangerous and culturally invigorating time of New York City in the late 1970s and 1980s.

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British avant-garde, and amazing, artist FKA Twigs has collaborated with the innovative item of Google’s Google Glass to direct and star in a video that features her music, some impressively acrobatic movements and a cameo from the overseas dance crew Wet Wipez. Welcome to the age of digital krumping. Check it out below:

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