‘New Slaves’ to The N-Word: Why Piers Morgan Mostly Had A Valid Point



Due to his well-meaning but entitled Daily Mail essay on why eradicating the n-word from the English language would bring about verbal peace, Piers Morgan became the guinea pig of Twitter derision. From everyday users, to celebrities like John Legend, and prominent Atlantic scribe Ta-Neshi Coates, Morgan was regulated as the latest culprit of white privilege. Who did this White news journalist think he was to suddenly care about the jargon of black people so much and then write an essay about it? The piece had its brief moments of honest observation, but it was flawed in its self-imposed jurisdiction in having all black people follow his suggested lead. His stance even hit a sore spot when he (unintentionally?) compared obsoleting “nigga” to the maltreatment of black slaves in America: “Better, surely, to have [the word] expunged completely. Eradicated, obliterated, tied to a literary post and whipped into such brutal…

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