#BlackTwitter Wants To Know Why The #NAACPBombing Isn’t Headline News And The Jam Of The Day: “Surface Envy” by Sleater-Kinney

Earlier today, I wrote a brief about the unfortunate matter and current investigation of a criminal attempting to bomb the building of Colorado Springs’ NAACP chapter. It which occurred yesterday morning, mountain time around 10:45AM. While at HelloBeautiful, coverage on it went up as it was made available, for the last two hours on Twitter, the always inquisitive and snappy Black Twitter voiced their concerns. This online community felt that the media was not discussing the terror act enough, or barely at all, with many comparing the kind of attention it should’ve received to the just as sudden but very shocking murder of 12 staff members of the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Tweet after tweet with the hashtag #NAACPBombing was inflamed with the belief that the media only wants to talk about Black people or Black issues news if it involves death or illegal activity. Many even admitted that they hadn’t known about it until they saw others were displeased with the lack of coverage, trending on social media. Interestingly as well, the person behind the attempted bombing is said to be a White male in his 40s.

While we’d be better off not comparing tragedies as far as which one is worse than the other (that’s just a slippery slope to feelings getting hurt), a more pensive realization out of today’s news is that the act of intimidation is once again being used to belittle and dissuade us from performing freedom of speech and in fighting for equality and civil rights. And what about the school children in Pakistan that were massacred by the Taliban late last month? Where’s their hashtag? Where’s the rally for them?

Below is a list of some of the most eye-opening tweets for #NAACPBombing, as the FBI are close to officially labeling the scene a “hate crime”.

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