Eugene Lee Yang’s Video Project Shows “The Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History” [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 5.21.21 PM

Eugene Lee Yang is a video content producer for the mega website BuzzFeed. His newest project, “Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History”, displays what have been deemed the ideal body shapes for women throughout a chronological timeline.

It’s a pretty video that somewhat exhibits how women have been pressured, before Instagram and Facebook, to tweak their bodies to culture or societal trends, it also highlights how every body type was/is desirable, if you want to look at the brighter side of this conversation.

I do agree that every body is beautiful, but I still really hate how women’s bodies are always up for discussion and one shape is labeled more “real” than another. We don’t give men as hard a time or write essays about how they should be shaped or sculpted. Where’s the pressure for them to have a washboard stomach, a chiseled face, and big penis? Though they are jokes here and there, especially anything Judd Apatow where fat dudes are prime for roasting, but it doesn’t match how ridiculed and examined a woman’s body shape is, and I wish that would change. Our bodies are not up for discussion.

As pointed out by Huffington Post Women, Yang has been fully aware of the commentary written on the video’s YouTube page, and his mood was largely brought down by the negative comments spewed by men. He wrote this on Twitter:

Watch the video below.

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