Is Newsweek’s Latest Sexism Cover Offensive To Women?

Is the criticism towards Newsweek’s latest cover art (for their expose on sexism in Silicon Valley) really warranted? Haven’t we seen more truly offensive and graphic images that belittled women before? Just take a look at Instagram. But here’s is an opinion on why Newsweek likely choice the cover art they did that’s been looked down on but also defended.



Have you seen the latest cover of Newsweek? The issue, “What Silicon Valley Really Thinks Of Women” features an unassuming working woman who realizes her skirt is being lifted by an arrow. The message was loud and clear: women, even when in sophisticated and respected workplaces, like the infamous Silicon Valley, are ultimately undervalued in their work ethic and written off as sexual objects.

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The illustration is  honest without being crude about the subject it refers to. However, the critics on Twitter are telling a different story; female and male users alike pounced on Newsweek for its cover choice. A lot of people found it to be in poor taste, while others defended the art for highlighting exactly what is wrong and what happens when sexism is virtually allowed…

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