‘Girlhood’ Is The One French Film Every Black Girl Needs To See

If you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this little French film called “Girlhood”, you need to see it! It definitely lives up to the hype its received, and while this article’s titled “‘Girlhood’ The One French Film Every Black Girl Needs to See”, truthfully, every girl and woman should watch this film! Look out for it when it comes to your local independent theatre! It’s a great film with real heart . #Girlhood


Originally titled Bandes des Filles (“band of girls” or “gangs of girls”) in its native France, Girlhood‘s story specifically follows Marieme. We’re introduced to her as a 16-year-old under-performing schoolgirl that through chance catches the eyes of Lady, the queen bee of a girl gang. Soon Marieme rises as the quiet girl gone gritty, with a fresh (though overly heavy) weave and Air Jordans 5 in tow, robbing and fighting rival girl groups with her crew. But following some more ill-advised attempts at acting like a grown-up or in being mature, she later runs away from home and behaves as a drug-dealing tomboy for a short time.

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And yes, the film is in French, which to American audiences, will give the film an extra dosage of fascination because even more rarely than seeing girlhood brought into perspective than…

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