Sony Hack Aftermath: Why Amy Pascal Had To Go

Amy Pascal has resigned as Sony Pictures co-chairperson.
Normally, we would be sad about a woman leaving such a high-powered position, but after reading those emails, we can’t say we’re sad to see her go.
Check out why we think she’s better off starting over.


amy pascal

At HelloBeautiful, our stance on being pro-Black woman and pro-Black girl are definitely loud and clear, but we know how to share the love too. We appreciate any woman who aspires to be great and has made the moves to achieve their utmost dreams. And don’t think we’re not counting down the moment ’til Hillaryannounces that 2016 campaign! With that being said, former Sony Pictures co-chair(wo)man Amy Pascal‘s deplorable emails about Black stars and their films in Hollywood was just another example of the uncouth tendency to treat Black people as comedic bait, and honestly, we were disappointed in Pascal.

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When it was announced she would be stepping down from Sony, “Good riddance” or “Yeah! Get that *&^#$ outta here!” weren’t exactly unleashed. Instead, slanted shrugs, a tightened mouth, and (to paraphrase) our thought concluded, “Oh…

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