Humans Of New York’s Most Tear-Jerking & Inspiring Features Get To Meet President Obama! [PHOTO]

13 year-old Vidal Chastanet was featured on the popular Humans of New York Facebook page along with his principal Nadia Lopez and quickly won the hearts of millions. They were able to raise over $1 Million for Vidal’s Brooklyn school!
Read more about this awe-inspiring story here.


Just two weeks ago, we reported on how Humans of New York profiled 13-year-old Vidal Chastanet who praised his principal Ms. Nadia Lopez because “She told each one of us that we matter.” Social media picked up on the story and after a boatload of likes, comments and shares that led to a fundraiser, over a million dollars has been raised for Vidal’s school of Mott Hall Bridges Academy so him and his classmates could visit Harvard University, and have summer programs and future scholarships provided. We even got to see Vidal and Ms. Lopez on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Yesterday, Chastanet and Ms. Lopez received another gift: they both got to meet President Obama at The White House, who also heard of the inspiring story! HNY creator Brandon Stanton was there as well for the special moment. #PassTheKleenex #NoSeriouslyPassTheKleenex

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