Feminist Punk Rock Band Releases ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Eric Garner Tribute Video & We’re Like Wow, They Get It [VIDEO]

Feminist Rock Band Releases Eric Garner Tribute ‘I Can’t Breathe.’
It’s always controversial for any group to compare their struggles to the plights of Black people. But Russian band P*ssy Riot was effective in its message by presenting police brutality & government negligence as a global concern.


Pussy Riot released a video for their new song “I Can’t Breathe” and it’s uncomfortable, but immensely effective. The lyrics and visualsare in memory of Eric Garner‘s death, which became the catalyst against American injustice. However Pussy Riot believes Garner’s death was a part of a larger discussion of the issue that is “state terror.” “State terror” from the Pussy Riot manifesto regards the action of anyone that was “killed, choked, [and] perished because of war and state sponsored violence of all kinds.” As we know, here in America, Garner’s death provoked fury and lost hope because he died by an illegal chokehold executed by policeman Daniel Pantaleo.

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The music video is steady-paced, with no lip-synching as Pussy Riot are laying down deep in the ground and are being buried alive. Once fully covered, the camera spans away and Garner’s…

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