Video Box: John Oliver Talks Why The Sports Illustrated Doesn’t Matter, A Supercut Of Female Action Heroes + TK Wonder’s “Van Gogh” Is The Jam Of The Day

EDITORIAL: Feminist Punk Rock Band Releases ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Eric Garner Tribute Video & We’re Like Wow, They Get It [VIDEO]

John Oliver on show Last Week Tonight, discussed the issue of why the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit is still a big deal. Basically, who cares?

PLAYLIST: Her Mic Sounds Nice: The Greatest Albums By Female Rappers

The Jam of the Day is TK Wonder‘s New Single “Van Gogh”

In a “supercut” released on Vimeo, a montage of female heroines on film was released, to speak up against the lack of women action stars. It features characters from the movies Alien, The Fifth Element, and The Matrix. The clip exposed the sexism of the entertainment industry, as she-roes often tend to be sexualized as well (think: Sin City) but also showed the lack of actions stars that are of color, but I know their also aren’t that many.

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