Hear Us Out: Why Kylie Jenner’s Photoshoot Did Not Perpetuate Blackface [PHOTOS]


Yesterday on Instagram, 17-year-old fashion bomb Kylie Jenner posted two pictures from a recent photo shoot that gained her accusations of promoting or using “blackface.” Jenner is featured from the shoulders up in silvery-taupe body paint and violet-blue eye contacts and futuristic style makeup. At first glance, the youngest of the Kardashian franchise looks a lot more Avatar than minstrel show, so when the controversy of blackface struck, where were those in view of the photographs getting it from? Is there a historical context behind the shimmer and blue-black hair that’s truly fair to pinpoint? Or was this just another case of “Let’s hate on the Kardashians” that ran rampant on social media?

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There are definitely attributes of the Kardashians and Jenners that could be up for debate and even concern (such as their influence on society), but can…

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