Jessie Ware Was A Soul Music Reverie At NYC’s Terminal 5 [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

Jessie Ware GIF

Earlier this year, I somewhat bought my Jessie Ware ticket on a bit of a whim. And not because I don’t think that she’s great, but because it was kind of on a “Why not?” basis. She’s already a great talent. Her second release Tough Love, is great. And I knew she would perform the song “Cruel” which was my favorite track from the album.

Jessie Ware

Let me tell you! The moment she got on stage, the sold-out Jessie Ware show at New York’s Terminal 5 was one of the best concerts I’ve been lucky to witness. No gimmicks, just her and her band, all dressed in black. Like Kelly Clarkson, she voice sounds just like she does on her records. It felt like her fans were attending her band’s jam session and for just rocking out, it was the smoothest presentation ever. Like, I knew Ware was good. But I had no idea she be that great that I could’ve easily watched her for another hour. (The show was about an hour and a half).

Jessie Ware x HAIM GIF

 And a couple got engaged onstage!

Jessie Ware

And I heard all the songs I wanted to hear! From the Tough Love, she began with “Champagne Kisses” and later the songs “Cruel” (OMGYES), “The Sweetest Song”, “Tough Love” and “Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe.” She definitely included songs from her first LP Devotion such as “No Love” (which literally made you feel like you were chilling on Venice Beach or some area like it. It was that relaxed), “110%” and “Running.” But from Devotion, we were all waiting for “Wildest Moments” which made the roughly constructed Terminal 5 into a place of deity for Ware’s lyrics.

And you would think the show ended there, but nope! We almost forgot about “Say You Love Me.” With that finale she brought the house down *Daft Punk voice* “one more time.” (Who can’t relate to lyrics that sing: “I don’t want to fall in love. If you don’t want to try?” And this is coming from a musician that’s married!)

Jessie Ware GIF

Jessie Ware

Her show was absolutely fantastic. Watch the video below to see Ware’s natural grace in action.

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