Jaden Smith Wore A Dress And Doesn’t Give A Damn What You Think About It

It remains very interesting how for a girl to dress like a guy is generally and socially acceptable. But why do we still cringe when we see a man in anything remotely stemming off traditionally “feminine” or “girly.”


Yes, that picture you saw of celebrity offspring Jaden Smith rocking a girl’s dress is real! The 16-year-old rapper and actor was definitely making some commentary on the topic of identity and gender politics when he posted on Instagram #OOTD pictures of himself wearing a Topshop black and white striped dress. He also kept on wearing the frock throughout his Calabasas neighborhood.

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In captioning one of his pictures, “Went To TopShop To Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean ‘Clothes’,”, Smith joins the small group of male entertainers and celebrities that took it upon themselves to challenge the predetermined norms of what means to be or dress as male or female. We’re not sure if he did some research prior to his bold move, but before him Dennis Rodman, David Bowie and plenty of rockers and the LGBT community have adopted…

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