11 YouTube Beauty Bloggers You Haven’t Heard Of With A Million Views


Like (the once ubiquitous) Michelle Phan, major players such as Carli Bybel and on the cusp with a cult admirers like Destiny Godley and Aaliyah Jay, there are some beauty vloggers and bloggers that have gained considerable fame and recognition outside of the YouTube audience. Phan currently ties with Beyoncé in having over eight million subscribers on YouTube, a number amassed since 2007. And a handful of ladies, including another popular pretty face ItsMyRayeRaye, are reaching past the half million mark. From the outskirts of the makeup pool, there are many beauty fanatics that have yet to be widely discernible in the beauty community, but have earned the bragging rights to boast about a video or two of theirs scoring an impressive one million views. There’s an even smaller bunch of “undiscovered” YouTubers with over 5 million watches, and another select few with 20 million plus.

I found out about these other vloggers when I came across Rhaea Estelle‘s account, a Canadian Candice Swanepoel doppelgänger. I was in the middle of watching a Godley video and I had seen Estelle’s video listed in the suggestions. Just to see something different I clicked on it and actually enjoyed her video! I ended up watching a few more of hers and from there, I noticed lots of beauty blogging names I didn’t know, but had numbers into the millions for tutorials. That’s a big deal as it is not easy to get your video noticed on a massive desk like YouTube! Most of us are just happy with a cool 10,000 clicks if even that lucky! While watching Estelle’s videos, I really was surprised that I was hadn’t heard of her before. She has one video, “Tutorial: Everyday Makeup Routine”, that has grabbed nine million views. Where was I that whole time! How is it that some beauty vloggers get so much attention from beauty and social media while others do not? Like how I mentioned Phan’s number of subscribers above? Well, you might not have heard of Zoella, but evidently she has nine million just awaiting her next clip!

As mentioned, from Estelle’s page, I took note of other aspiring beauty influencers that were essentially nameless but watched by tons. I’ve listed some of those videos below for you to check out. You might even find your next favorite vlogger!

Rhaea Estelle:

On almost all of her videos, commentators are obsessed with the fact that she so closely resembles South African Candice Swanepoel, who’s best known for being a Victoria’s Secret model. She began her YouTube channel in 2012, but oddly hasn’t uploaded in the last two months and was absent from Instagram for 4 weeks until a day ago to post a Halloween makeup selfie. Fans are curious as to whether Estelle has gotten over beauty vlogging. She has at least four videos with over a million views, so maybe she’s just been relaxing a bit as the bigwigs at YouTube certainly treated her to some major coin! (You can catch her over at Twitter in the meantime!)

Melissa Merk:

This may be one of the most simple how-to’s on YouTube, but it somehow gained a million sets of eyeballs!


When Lupe originally wrote “thank you” for the many views she got on “9 Different Eyeliner Looks”, she had ten million. Now the video has 23 million views! She remains steadily active, with 77 videos since 2011.

Melanie Murphy:

A nice 12 million views for Murphy’s “How to Cover Acne & Scars (If You Want To)” guide. She still uploads videos regularly.


I’m going to credit the UK-based Liz as one of the first Black beauty vloggers that got my attention. Though the more sassy Jackie Ainas and Makeupdolls of YouTube are now the face of Brown girl friendly beauty talk, Liz has obtained a million plus on a video, as well as a staggering 27 mil for her “How I Whiten My Teeth At Home.”


Based out of Florida, Liz has had a few videos that gained huge numbers, including eight million for her own version of a “Acne Coverage Foundation Routine ” (apparently these kind of tutorials are in high demand). Her Christmas Party Makeup, Hair & Outfit Ideas got a mil.

Lauren Curtis:

With three million subscribers, I just found out about Curtis literally today. Here we’ve got her “Ultra Glam Special Occasion Makeup.” Doesn’t she kind of remind you of Lauren Conrad (and not just because of the name)?


“A self-taught guru”, Morena is one of the MUAs on YouTube that really enjoy travelling the futuristic and flamboyant route. She’s not afraid of lime green shadows and Avatar-esque makeup. Here her “Foundation Routine” got nine million hits.


A YouTuber for awhile now, Megz got a million views for her “Foundation Routine 2014”, a consistently popular how-to for women of color looking for tips online!

“Alyssa Forever”:

A vlogger since 2013 that’s really big on hair, though she of course does beauty vids too, her “How to Get A Perfect 3 Strand Twist” is sitting at a mean 10 million views as you read this.


Apparently, we’ve all been sleeping on “Dope1111” as she has three million subscribers and has done tutorials on how to look like Miley Cyrus to Elsa from Frozen. Her thing is how-to believable transformations from popular culture. Beneath is her September upload that’s gotten eleven millions so far and it’s pretty cool, and trippy! to watch.

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