The Most Epic And Popular Costumes From Halloween 2015

The costumes of this year’s Halloween were one the most memorable in years as partakers in the flamboyant holiday didn’t just don the usual Minnie Mouse dotted noses and bunny ears. Many, including celebrities, either impressively recreated some of popular culture’s most known figures as well as remix the bizarre trends of social media and the oddities of everyday life!

This scroll-down gallery below features some of those most oh so clever costumes!

The Go-To Pop Culture Outfits:

Lil’ Kim from her “Crush On You” video:


Cyn Santana:

Jackie Aina:

The characters from the 1997 comedy film BAPS:

Clever and cute thought out costumes such as:

Baby Twin Twinkies:

A little girl recreated Zendaya’s Oscar look, complete with braids

A long-ass CVS Pharmacy receipt:

The “Instagram Model” always hawking detox teas, teeth whitening kits and usually has a somewhat disproportionate butt:

New York City’s epic “pizza rat.”

Kelis debut album cover:

The popular Nick Young meme:

Kiddies as Michelle and Barack Obama:

North West & Penelope Disick:

Other Celebrity Halloween Costumes:

Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit from the 1989 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit (amazing!)

Fabolous, Emily B and their kids dressed as The Simpsons:

August Alsina and his “Pink Ladies” from Grease:

Ashanti as a Smurfette!

Quincy as Edward Scissorhands:

Remy Ma as Janet Jackson’s “Justice” in 1993’s Poetic Justice

The Game as Jidenna:

Kelly Ripa as Kim Kardashian West on the cover of PAPER:

Kehlani as Milla Jovovich’s Leeloo character from 1997’s The Fifth Element:

Eva Chen, former EIC of Lucky Magazine, now at Facebook, as Marilyn Manson:

Jhene Aiko as Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

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