Beauty Haul Diaries: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips in Avenue & LAX

After the great popularity of their Lippie Stix lipsticks, ColourPop was quick and smart to develop their own version of the matte liquid lipstick trend, the Ultra Matte Lip. And their devoted following, largely based off Instagram, snatched up many of the 15+ shades as video reviews flooded YouTube about the color payoff and texture.

I have been wanting something from ColourPop since the spring time, but didn’t know what to get as I tend to purchase the same colors over and over again, it doesn’t matter the brand. I wanted to make use of the different, fun shades they offered like mint green and neutral, nude ones. But of course once I read on their Instagram page that “LAX” and “Avenue” were back in stock for the Ultra Matte, I went right for the ol’ faithfuls of raspberry and burgundy and bought my first ColourPop items. I paid $12 for the Ultras and about $5 in shipping and handling.

I was as giddy as a little kid waiting for Christmas Eve to get my two Ultra Mattes. When they were delivered just about five days after my order (best believe I also tracked them online!) I opened by white package and inside there two thin boxes and two postcards. One was an “Application Tips & Tricks” guide and the other an unexpected, handwritten note with my name on it. Awww! I felt all warm inside! It was such a nice touch. It’s nice to see companies do personalized accents like that. Gerard Cosmetics did something similar when I was delivered my Star Powder highlighter in Lucy. Inside the box was a sweet letter from the company thanking me for the purchase. It also happens to be “one of those days” and so that message lifted my mood. #TheLittleThings

Back to ColourPop. The packaging of the product is cooler and shinier in person (but the logo of brand will wear off!)

I first wore “Avenue” described on CP’s website as a “deep yellow red.” I found it to be a more pink-based, muted raspberry (again!) and it’s super flattering and even sexy (I almost never use that word). I also didn’t find the matte texture drying. “Avenue” is a major win.

The next day I tried out “LAX” a “vampy blackened red”, and it is certainly darker than I thought despite the description. I loved the color once it settled, but the texture felt a lot more flat and drying to my lips which I hated. I even tried topping it off with a clear gloss and that was no fun because it took away from the beautiful dark, kind of aubergine red. I’m going to see how I can make “LAX” less drying for me. I may just have to forego the trick of dusting face powder on my lips before applying just instead apply a light lip balm. We’ll see.

I’m very satisfied with my first ColourPop purchases and I nearly went right back to the website to get the colors that caught me. But I’m going to cool my jets and just enjoy what I have for now.


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