2 Days, 1 Night In New York City: The Dover Street Market, Macy’s, & The Patricia Field’s x Palladio Party (Part 1)

The Dover Street Market, located on 160 Lexington Avenue in New York, NY, is a curated four-story “mall” of avant-garde brands like Comme des Garcons and Loewe. This year features a small set-up by the legendary Patricia Field store. Fitting, considering late winter/early spring of 2016, Field’s will be closing her namesake store on Bowery.








Macy’s in Herald Square in New York, NY. The Christmas decorations! Featuring lots of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, classic North Pole soldiers and a special Alice in Wonderland display, courtesy of the limited edition Marc Jacobs collaboration with Disney! You can catch similar fun at your local Macy’s too this holiday season!

macys xmas 4

macys xmas 3macys xmas1

The Patricia Field x Palladio Holiday Extravaganza at its flagship store on Bowery in New York, NY. It was basically a really huge get-together where customers shopped, heard live deejaying, nibbled on free pizza and cupcakes. Field’s herself was downstairs taking pics and talking to everyone! Palladio offered free mini-makeovers.



Extra Pics!

We later had ice cream at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream. It’s an ice cream parlor with super original flavors and specials like Burnt Honey Vanilla and Vietnamese Coffee. I had Chocolate Peppercorn. It was refreshing!


We ended the night in Bushwick in Brooklyn. It’s a grungy area of the neighborhood but surprisingly displays so much beautiful street art on nearly every block. I loved the look and feeling of it. It reminded me the Brooklyn I grew up with. Far from the Bedford Stop kind of avenues we are bombarded with today as the borough becomes more gentrified. Even this area has some signs of modernized buildings and condos to come. I prefer the way it is right now to be honest.


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