WNBA Rightfully Slam Gilbert Arenas’ Corny, Sexist Comments About Women B-Ball Players

Maybe he thought he was on some Eddie Murphy RAW type shit, but Gilbert Arenas latest, and juvenile, comments on how women basketball players should look while making dunks and were uncalled and sexist to its core. If you haven’t heard of him, he used to play in the NBA, but that didn’t make him a household name. If he is known to you, it’s likely because he was once engaged to the sister of Basketball Wives L.A. star Gloria Govan, Laura Govan.

Entertainment news broke that he had posted on his Instagram, an already ratchet and tasteless collage of continuous references to hoes, pussy and World Star Hip-Hop memes, a video of two women playing basketball while wearing a crop top, a bra, a thong and a bikini cut undie. The first sentence of the clip’s hard to read caption went like this: “NOW this is what america was hoping for when they announced the #WNBA back in 1996… not a bunch of chicks running around looking like, cast members from#orangeisthenewblack…”

Who knew that post an unmemorable NBA career, Arenas was looking to be the next Don Imus. And in limiting the cast of Orange Is The New Black as basically not cute? Must’ve seen just episode 1 or some bullshit, because the actress that plays Poussey Washington, Samira Wiley, is gorgeous and tomboy chic. And she’s barefaced on the show. Most of the actors on set (I was an extra on an episode of their upcoming season 4!) wear minimal to no makeup, including Wiley. He’s crazy.

photo courtesy of popsugar.com

And why, why, why do men think we care about how they feel about the way women, and women who also happen to be athletes, (should) dress? Nicki Minaj posed in a G-string and y’all still didn’t cop Anaconda” on iTunes. It was women and gay men who gave up the $1.29. So shut the fuck up. There’s already a war within women and what’s classy, sexy, trendy and trashy. And men have thoroughly contributed to the unforgiving cycle of judging women on a soapbox.

While the WNBA certainly didn’t have to acknowledge Arenas’ stupid comment, the organization, on behalf of their talented women players, they however did. Their statement was short and clear that a gossip fodder former player’s words were unwelcomed and undignified towards a field that continues to encourage women who want to play sports to go for it. And be great. No matter what they look like. #UMAD

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