The Official Afro-Latina Anthem Is Here: Nitty Scott, MC Raps “Negrita” [AUDIO]

The Afro-Latino and Afro-Latina movement have been bubbling for a number of years now. Combating the colorism and racism of the Latino community, Afro-Latinos have joined forces to be heard and recognize through blogs, music, literature and essays such Ain’t I Latina and posts on the site Colorlines. And with the recent news of Afro-Mexicans in the Mexican census being counted for the first time in the country’s history (thanks to the headstrong activist group Mexico Negro, who campaigned for fifteen years for this change to happen), their time (our time!) has come!

So the Michigan-born, Florida-raised, Brooklyn-based rapper Nitty Scott, MC‘s newest single “Negrita” from her forthcoming Creature EP couldn’t have dropped more aptly. The Afro-Boricua’s track is a celebration of brown and Black women and girls of Latin and African descent. The term “Negrita” is an endearing in espanol, translating as “cute brown girl.” Aye!

It is a term that leads with race, or color, in making it the focus. But it’s meant to said with lots of amor. 

Listen to the booming track here. “Oye bonita, they’re calling me negrita.”

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