Guillen’s Tales: “Let Us Eat Cake”

Guillen’s Tales: the column of “pop star, stuck in fashion”, Alejandro Guillen

“Let Them Eat Cake” a poem

Sometimes I wonder will we ever be free

A sentiment felt and spoken by many

A redundant memory that has made us numb

And sick cattle

We have become mad cows, cows that have gone mad and overconsume

And yet are underweight

The weight of financial and emotional instability

Polluted by all that is fed to them

And diluted by empty societal promises

As we graze and haze for dreams of equality

We are met with glass fences and ceilings

In the form of social unrest and misguided protest

We scream and shout to be heard but are instead herded to segregated grasslands and barns

Imprisoned and branded

Caste then casket

Where is the cure to this mad cow disease

That leaves us poor and on our knees

To beg and plead

Money for war but can’t feed our need

Financially poor but rich in talent

What will cause us to flip the switch

Out of the darkness

And to learn to embrace darker skins

Will we die as mad cow steaks?

Or take from the state our rightful piece of the cake?

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