Web Episodes You Need To Watch From Flat3, Ackee & Saltfish & Entangled With You

A lot of the web-series available online, especially on YouTube, are a lot of fun to watch, you can rest easy in knowing that the writing is often quite good, and the quality of the camera work is professional yet realistic (not too glossy, like how live award shows or events sometimes transfer on HD TV). Yet because they are so many DIY shows out there, it can be hard to find the “good ones” or simply the ones you will connect with. Personally, I love An African City. Critics call it the African Sex and The City, and the comparison is apt, but it’s more than just some carbon copy of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte with gorgeous melanin. The five leads of An African City, created by Nicole Amarteifio, are women of African descent, specifically of countries of Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Sierra Leone, were either born in Africa or the U.S. but were primarily raised in America. In the series, they’ve all returned and settled into the motherland and it’s thrilling to see an African city (literally) in such a metropolitan light. The side of Africa they won’t show you.

For webs series to check out, I usually look to lists created online by pop culture sites, that in bullet points select the shows worth binging an hour or two on. GURL.com did a great top 8 of web-series to watch and it was mix of shows based in East London to Cali and all featuring women with loud thoughts and even louder comments about dating, work, and self-image.

Following are three shows I’ve watched a couple of episodes on and that I personally are recommending to you!

1.”The Promo Girl” from Flat3

Flat3 started in 2013 and trails the extremely awkward and toilet humor shenanigans of friends/frenemies and roommates Lee, Jessica and Perlina. This show is like a mini version of Bridesmaids, and the fun part is that it takes places in New Zealand (“kiwi comedy”) and stars Asian actresses. Those same leads are also co-producers of Flat3, along with Kerry Warika and Roseanne Liang.

This episode called “The Promo Girl” is hilarious and the uncomfortable truth.

2. “The Lauryn Hill Tickets” from Ackee & Saltfish

The episodes of Ackee & Saltfish are quick and fresh vignettes with the adorable duo of the two leads, Olivia and Rachel. trading sassy and sarcastic barbs with each other. Taking place in East London, the friends are also roommates and together they gallivant and comment about popular culture and life. It’s a blast to watch just to hear their accents! The show was created by Cecile Emeke and debuted last year.

The show was created by Cecile Emeke and debuted last year. In episode 1, Olivia refuses to believe that Rachel really didn’t get them those coveted Lauryn Hill tickets for an upcoming show. A comic win!

3. “Moving Out, Moving In, Moving Out?” from Entangled With You

Entangled With You, from 2013, was about two girls having previously experienced seemingly opposite sides of love and relationships, (one in a presumably lovey-dovey heterosexual relationship, the other, a lesbian, who takes her girlfriend for granted), and how the circumstance of kismet made them roommates and eventually besties. Alisha & Jaliyah combat opposition from their inner circle (their exes) about their cohabitation and conversations amongst the characters are raunchy and honest and of course, kind of funny.

Created by Caryn K. Haynes, this episode below is when moving day for both has come to an head and everyone has to deal with the reality of it, whether comically or prima donna style.


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