Jessa and Adam: Their Union Is So Wrong, So Right For TV

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I’m inappropriately obsessed with the budding situationship between characters Jessa and Adam on current season five of GIRLS. Though the new season is only four episodes in, until this past Sunday, I had barely given the HBO series any air time out of sheer dismissal. Some websites have declared a kind of “who cares?” stance against season five as the brouhaha over the show’s lack of diversity in actors, a gentrified version of Brooklyn as the background, and the overall sense of White feminist ideals (depending on the blog you might’ve read in 2013) have all but disappeared from the conversation in pop culture. Lena Dunham, the creator of GIRLS, has also confirmed that season six will be the last.

Season four wasn’t exactly a bust, but boring (unlike three, which was actually great). Just when it was getting good, it was over. But last year’s episodes did find Jessa and Adam actually hanging out sometimes as friends! It was usually on circumstantial matters, but nonetheless, they were in each other’s orbit more than ever, as Dunham’s character Hannah finally smashed the nail into the coffin that contained her dating history with Adam.


The suspicion of Jessa and Adam (how many times can I write their names together?) becoming something more was all but a guarantee (for Sunday’s episode 4 titled “Old Loves”) because they are people in a TV show and I would’ve gone there as a writer too.


Long-time viewers of GIRLS know that the aforementioned are two of the same. They’re impulsive when it comes to sex. Stylistically, they bear an uncanniness to Pig Pen. Occasionally, for all their brooding, are sometimes scarily honest and articulate about the shortcomings of their friends and fairly enough, themselves. But again, usually remain rude, gross, and their common attempts to not give a fuck transpire as 100% insolent. Five seasons in, we’re all surprised it took them this long to be attracted to each other.

Jessa wants to be a good friend to Hannah while Adam could care less about crossing certain “invisible” lines. But the want to go there is bothering Jessa and she goes as far as acting meaner than necessary towards Hannah in a (real NYC location) Rice to Riches scene and we all know the deeper reason why: it’ll make getting with Adam easier to deal with. Selfish.


You kind of want to hate what’s happening due to the affliction of four eyes viewing it. The watching GIRLS through “real eyes” is cringe-worthy, but your “I’m just watching a TV show TV eyes” is eating up the juiciness of it. Who gives less of a fuck about Hannah’s feelings? Jessa? Or Adam? Is that even fair to ask?

girls hbo

And Hannah will either think it’s hilarious that they want to be around each other for longer than half an hour. Or most likely, feel incredibly betrayed. Both reactions are justified and I’m hoping when Hannah finds out, she will find the humor in their pairing. As much as they belong together on paper, Jessa and Adam could end up being the classic example of giving into the temptation of lust or sudden (forbidden) heavy like and sometimes such fireworks fizzle and leave the sparks to burn right in your ass. AKA, this could be a real disaster.

A relationship such as Jessa and Adam’s obtain all the potential to be a long time coming. Comments on YouTube have even declared them as “soulmates.” But sometimes dating your carbon copy just brings about heightened anxiety and a self-reflection that’s a little too crystal clear. I actually knew a couple like this in real life. I wasn’t close to them, but we had mutual friends and I was wide-eyed when I heard the news. I was hopeful but my concerns were hardened when I caught the breeze about their verbal spats, general insecurity and her giving the FU with her partying and bad decisions on the regular. I actually once witnessed one of their fights and needless to say, I could’ve used a movie theatre large sized popcorn. They were short-lived and I got the impression they both regretted. There was no “at least we tried” but a major “what was I thinking?”

Girls - Series 04 Episode 10 "Home Birth" Adam Driver as Adam Sackler, Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath & Jemima Kirke as Jessa Johansson. ©Girls SM, under licence from Home Box Office, Inc.
Girls – Series 04
Episode 10 “Home Birth”
Adam Driver as Adam Sackler, Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath & Jemima Kirke as Jessa Johansson.
©Girls SM, under licence from Home Box Office, Inc.

As a viewer, I can’t wait for the next episode and the one after to see how Jessa and Adam will finagle their way into becoming exclusive. And let’s keep it real. We’re judging Jessa more than Adam because he’s already showed himself to be an ass with opportunistic tendencies with women. If this was real life, I would have to ponder: how can you really tell if a situation or a person is worth throwing out the traditional rule of books (of morale and simple common decency amongst friends or people you should have respect for) over? In real life, sometimes you really just can’t and have to learn the extremely hard way.

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