THE GLAM DOWN: Glossier Introduces Makeup To Its “Skin Is In” Lifestyle

stretch pic

Last summer, Glossier, a spin-off skincare line of the beauty blog Into The Glossintroduced itself during a 3 weeks initiative called Summer Fridays. The public, whom the company hoped would turn into loyal customers, were welcomed into their showroom penthouse to view, test, and buy their products.

I made sure to visit on the first Friday (it was gorgeous outside that day too. The penthouse offers a great view of Chinatown’s Canal Street and Soho’s Lafayette). I remember from the sampling that the closest item to makeup was the Perfecting Skin Tint. It is today’s version of the once very popular (in the ’90s) concept of a tinted moisturizer and the Skin Tint has a sheer color payoff.

This past weekend, Glossier launched their latest collection Phase 2 in a similar manner to Summer Fridays, with the exception of extending the showroom customer hours to Saturday afternoons. Phase 2 consists of an eyebrow gel (“Boy Brow”), sheer lipstick balm (“Generation G”), and concealer (“Stretch”).

phase 2

I wanted to know about the concealer. Good, even great, concealers can be hard to find. I’m not sure for lighter or pale skin tones, but for deeper and dark, brands have gotten better. But often times there are only one or two selections and sometimes that’s still not enough.

As a makeup junkie, I know that concealer should technically be lighter than your foundation, such as when highlighting and covering the undereye area. I’m the type of makeup wearer that prefers concealer to literally conceal any trouble spots and am insistent that it matches my skin tone.

There have been a few good ones up until Phase 2, such as Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer (apply sparingly. It’s thick!), Anastacia Beverly Hills’, and the affordable fave LA Girl’s PRO Concealer. I had high hopes for Stretch as during Glossier’s live telecast on Facebook the day before, the crew explained how their product didn’t sit atop of skin but followed your face’s natural movements like when you talk or chew. I thought that was pretty cool.

In person, I saw five colors available: Light, Medium, Dark, Deep, and Rich. I just ragged on how makeup brands provide two colors most for brown skin tones, and Glossier has two. Dark is the middle. It’s clearly nowhere near actual dark skin tones. But I am thinking it’s for “olive” types. But possibly due to its formation, was a lot more nuanced and darker skinned women can use it for undereye. I’ll give them that!

The texture is smooth, almost slippery like. And when I applied it–I chose Rich–it nearly dissolved into my skin. I was squiggly nose impressed!

concealer glossier

generation g

The lipsticks, Generation G, are interesting because while not meant to be intensely pigmented or formulated, gosh, they are light! They are definitely more like balms and the color translations are translucent, even for colors with names that have a vibrancy like “Jam” and “Crush.” If going for the natural, less is more look, or just want a more upscale version of Chapstick, the Generation Gs are for you. If you’re a lipstick kind of person, you’re just going to be swiping on G til your heart desires and the color won’t get much deeper than it already is!


The highlight of Phase 2 for me, even more than the concealer, was the Boy Brow. I haven’t cared much for eyebrow products. I get my brows waxed and leave them be until it’s time for a touch-up. Out of pure curiosity, I opened up the small Boy Brow tube in “Black” and ran it through my brows. I was taken back by the intensity of the black but also the immediate pick me up it gave me. I liked seeing my brows darker. My only qualm, which isn’t one really but a warning(!), is that when using the brush to apply the gel, a lot comes out and the formula is generous. I almost had an issue with my right brow as right in the middle, a clump appeared, but I just kept smoothing it out. Otherwise, this is the first eyebrow product I’ve genuinely liked.

All around, Phase 2 is pretty awesome.

Below are more photos from the Phase 2 showcase!

glossier displays


glossier boxes


glossier bust

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