THE GLAM DOWN: Honest Beauty Is Honestly Satisfying

Jessica Alba had made herself into more of a millionaire through the creation of her, now valued at $1.7 billion dollars, label The Honest Company. It’s intriguing to see her transition from actress to businesswoman.

Last year, Forbes honored her ambitiously Honest effort by giving her the cover and leading story on “America’s Richest Self-Made Women.” It was a huge statement. Alba was already considerably “rich” from acting. But by Honest, she gained respect.

About two months after Forbes, Alba announced that an Honest Beauty makeup line was on the way. That really excited me. Plasmic or biologically-friendly based makeup lines have been around for some time now such as Pacifica, Botanics, Burt’s Bees’ recent expansion into lipsticks. The Honest Company prides itself on creating products, from ingredients to packaging, that are sourced by “natural, organic, sustainably harvested, renewable, pure raw materials.” The original line is mainly stocked with baby and children products, and recently, home cleaning and hygiene items. (They even offer a Nipple Balm for moms to use after nursing. I think that’s awesome). I was curious to see how Alba was going to enter the niche of cosmetics.

I was so hyped for Honest Beauty that I quickly followed their Instagram page for updates on its availability. Featured in the first promo was Alba encircled by five models: two Caucasians, a seemingly multiracial/biracial/mixed woman, an Asian woman, and a Black woman. Alba herself has Mexicana roots from her father’s side.



When the entire line was released, I watched the tutorials featuring Alba putting on the products herself. I was pretty much sold but I really wanted to see Honest Beauty in person. Thankfully, it was announced earlier this year that they brokered a deal with ULTA Beauty to sell the line. This past February they officially joined stores across America.

While in New York, I made a trip to ULTA in the neighborhood of Glendale in Queens. (Unfortunately, Honest Beauty, while available on, is not for purchase at all store locations just yet. Be sure to check by using your local zip code to find exactly where its sold).

The display was near the end of all the other makeup brands on the side that represented the more “high-end” or prestige labels such as Mally, Too Faced, and BUTTER London. I got uppity when I found it. The most important item to test was the foundation. I was pleased to see online that were true brown and mocha shades but pondered if I would be disappointed in real life. That’s happened to me plenty of times as a woman of color. Too Faced and their latest foundation Born This Way is a flop when it comes to the foundation hues. Online, it looks as if they are #browngirlfriendly, but are not. At ULTA’s Braintree, location in Massachusetts, I swatched Mocha to Mahogany, and not one came close to being suitable.

Honest Beauty’s Everything Cream Foundation sits very pretty in a circular pan and the compact comes with a mirror and sponge. I leaned in for Cocoa and I did a preliminary swatch on my hand. It passed. The cream is smooth, not heavy at all (though it looks it in the pan). I placed a little bit on my face. Double passed. In my ULTA shopping bag, it went.

The entire line has a general neutral palette, but when (brighter) colors are presented, they’re very loud and spring-like!

The biggest surprise out of the makeup line were the eyeshadows. Highly pigmented and texture is plush, I was impressed by the quality. They’re comparable to M.A.C.

Another fantastic product, especially the deeper the color gets, are the Truly Kissable Lip Crayons. Wow, did the colors Strawberry Kiss and Mulberry Kiss pop out so beautifully.

On the left side of the long display, were the skincare-like items, such as the Tinted Moisturizer, Primer, and Magic Balm. I mixed two of the Tinted Moisturizers together, Cinnamon and Cognac, the brownest-based hues. They felt nice but I don’t think will work for me.

The one item that was missing, which annoyed me, was the Truly Lush Mascara + Primer tube. It appears to be out of stock everywhere, from ULTA to Honest Beauty’s website. I think I would’ve bought that if it was there. I’m always game for a new mascara.

The eye pencils are okay. More on the chalky side, though the purple gives strong color. And I found the Luminizing Powders too light.

The next day after I washed and moisturized my face, I was ready to use the Everything Cream foundation. In natural light, it first gave off a slightly grayish undertone. Dammit. Maybe the light in ULTA sold me a lie. But I applied more and my irritation lessened as I liked it again. I’m not sure why that happened, but once I once near done applied, I could see that Everything Cream was giving me that fresh-faced look. Compared to a simple swatch on my hand, the Cream contains a slight glycerine feel on the face, but it’s okay. I do not recommend using the sponge it comes with. It just seems to waste the product (though it’s nice that they included it). I absolutely recommend using your fingers for better results.

I then used another brand’s concealer for spots and finished with a dusting of face powder. I looked in the compact mirror and I still standing under the natural light near the window. I looked good! It’s without a doubt the most weightless foundation I’ve worn. With some mascara (I think I used IT Cosmetics’ Superhero mascara aka amazing), and just a smidgen of blush or highlighter, I was good to go for an Allure spread. Or a Seventeen cover. I’m trying to remember what lipstick I chose. It was likely The Estee Edit‘s Barest Lipstick in Nude Scene with Colourpop‘s Kae lipliner.

I have used Everything Cream again since and it’s my definite go-to for foundation when I’m chosen to take it easy on makeup all around, from my face to eyes and lips.

I suggest giving  Honest Beauty a try whenever you get a chance to sample it! The packaging is crisp and clean and the colors are everyday but fun depending on how you choose to wear your makeup.

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