Street Artist Banksy Inspired Nail Art

As one of the most subversive artists, street or traditional, Banksy’s graffiti epigrams may undoubtedly provoke lengthy conversations of what his interpretation is conveying, along seeking to challenge your initial point of view. He’s often taken culturally iconic logos, characters, and even drawn original cartoons of previous idyllic moments from pop culture to Americana, and turnedContinue reading “Street Artist Banksy Inspired Nail Art”

Marchesa for Revlon Nail Appliques Are Here! (And They’re Gorge)

The London born, New York based fashion house of Marchesa is the ultimate dream of a gown to wear if you’ve been lucky or wealthy enough to do so. Founded by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, Marchesa has extended it fondness of baroque veiling and ornate detailing towards a collaboration with makeup giant Revlon forContinue reading “Marchesa for Revlon Nail Appliques Are Here! (And They’re Gorge)”