Asian Beauty Brands Are Where It’s At

While stateside beauty and skincare have been huge businesses with sale spikes in nail polish and lipstick, some of the most innovative and health conscious products derive from the continent of Asia. For years, if American beauty lovers obtains products from overseas, it was from personal travels or insistent online hunting, but lately, these hidden gems, many of them from Japan and Korea, have become a … Continue reading Asian Beauty Brands Are Where It’s At

Skin-Deep Is Close Enough

Recently, I picked up an old issue of Lucky magazine from October 2013 (Eva Mendes was on the cover), and featured inside was an autobiographical piece about this one writer’s struggle with extreme acne. I had no idea this would be in there, but I read it and I really appreciated her sharing her experience with skin issues when so many are left to feel … Continue reading Skin-Deep Is Close Enough