The Racist, Sexist Piece of Furniture You’ve Got to See to Believe

Truthfully, I was ambivalent about doing a post on this, but with Claire Sulmers, of Fashion Bomb Daily, leading the way, I decided to proceed because some things are just so intolerable, and maybe the more we know, the more people will stand up for what’s right against what’s so wrong.

Check out this picture below from a new magazine that shall remain unnamed on this blog:

I know what you’re thinking:

“What the fuck is that?”

“Is that a real person pretending to be a chair?”


Well, it’s not a real person or model, it is a legit, created piece of furniture, but real or not, with then a (yes, white) person just nonchalantly sitting there, the whole image is beyond offensive and wild.

Fashion Bomb Daily was the first to cover it, and when I first saw it, I was stunned, maybe even a bit hurt. Like, seriously? Like, come the fuck on with this racist bullshit psuedo ensconced as art. How many times do we as people of color and our paler friends with enough sense have to declare, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Now, you’re just doing this on purpose.

I’ll be lying if the furious heat from within did not simmer a bit after knowing that black woman was not real. Thankfully, Sulmers did some research, and the S&M/bondage “inspired” chair featuring this helpless black woman is a re-imagined version of pieces by the same compromising themes by Allen Jones in 1969, but only with Caucasian blow-up type doll mannequins.

So in 1969, these were only sexist. Like that’s any better. Just look at them. I hate to write someone’s work off as “trash” or “ridiculous” (okay, I’ve done this frequently with some “music” artists) but this is just terrible. I almost want to chuckle. Can’t you just picture this in some douchebag’s bachelor pad in 1971?

The girl sitting on that “chair” is the Russian socialite, Dasha Zhukova. While the photo is oh so European, and it’s juxtaposition of controversy and morals, and leniency of sex and race, we and the editors of this tacky magazine all know what is being implied here, and honestly, you guys are total lames.


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