No, Cheryl Tiegs. Ashley Graham Should Be On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated

Unlike Bobby Finger, over at, I know who Cheryl Tiegs is. Big-time model of the ’70s and ’80s (who also in the 2000s made the awkward decision to be in the unforgettable, for all the ornery reasons, independent film The Brown Bunny. I quite literally remember my high school history teacher saying Tiegs couldn’t actContinue reading “No, Cheryl Tiegs. Ashley Graham Should Be On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated”

Some Thoughts On…Chanel’s “Feminist” Protest for #PFW + Cher’s “Half-Breed

Ahhhh…Chanel! This storied brand is everything when it comes to fashion. While infinitely definitive of the sartorial desires of the upper echelon in the U.S., the 1%, Chanel however, from the days of its founder Gabrielle “Coco” to its current direction under austere iconoclast Karl Lagerfeld, since the 1990s has also garnered many a soft spotContinue reading “Some Thoughts On…Chanel’s “Feminist” Protest for #PFW + Cher’s “Half-Breed”

#tbt Naomi Campbell: The Runway Compilation [VIDEO]

Today is the super iconic supermodel Naomi Campbell’s 44th birthday! Say what you will about her, she’s one of the most important individuals in fashion for her longevity and legacy, and also for being a voice for diversity in an industry that still has yet to learn that the world is round with colorful beauty.Continue reading “#tbt Naomi Campbell: The Runway Compilation [VIDEO]”