The Cult of Lena Dunham and Helen Gurley Brown

I was reminded of the name Helen Gurley Brown during the time of her passing in 2012 at the age of 90. I was interning at VIBE magazine then and I had written a brief post about Gurley Brown in tribute. When I dotted the last sentence, I left fascinated by her mission, especially executedContinue reading “The Cult of Lena Dunham and Helen Gurley Brown”

Is It Really That Hard to Eat Healthy?

I don’t often comment on health and diet topics considering I barely eat breakfast or don’t have my first meal until at least 2PM, but lately I’ve noticed my eating habits have been even more topsy-turvy than usual. I can’t say if it is laziness or that there just isn’t enough time to actually cookContinue reading “Is It Really That Hard to Eat Healthy?”